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Global Pollution Index
Patent application has been submitted in the US and internationally (PCT).  More details will be available here soon.
by the Association of Raelian Scientists

A pollution rating system for all products and services may be the only viable solution to counteract the pollution and the environmental impact of globalization and large-scale industrial production. 

Waste is generally defined as unusable or unwanted materials resulting from human activities.  Waste can be contained and managed before it becomes harmful to the environment and to humans.  Pollution on the other hand can be defined as the release of harmful substances in the environment and is generally a result of a failure to manage waste as it is produced.

For continuous sustenance of life on the Earth, recycling of materials, resources and energy is essential and must always be among the first priorities.  Anything that is not recycled creates pollution that will be eventually damaging to human and environmental health.  Pollution can exist in many molecular and energy forms and in all states of matter such as solid, liquid and gaseous forms.  Among the most damaging forms of pollution are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide , synthetic compounds like CFCs, particulate matter s like soot and dust, sewage released into oceans, oil spills, and radioactive waste.

It is generally very costly to deal with pollution both in terms of damages they cause and the resources required for their cleanup.  It is however less costly and more manageable to deal with waste before its released into environment.


The idea for a Pollution Rating System for all products and services was first championed by RAEL, the Founder and President of the Raelian Movement.  Using this simple approach, we developed a feasible methodology to utilize strong market forces to reduce industrial waste and pollution for the protection of environment and resources.  It is the goal of the Raelian Movement (rael.org) to promote a rational society based on the intelligent use of science and technology for the benefit of all human beings across generations.


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