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Global Pollution Index has been Launched by RAEL at the GW17 International Conference at the Sheraton Miami Mart Hotel Miami, USA

The Prophet RAEL, has officially launch the Global Pollution Index system on April 20th at the 17th Global Warming International Conference and Expo.

To save the environment from pollution, following an idea from RAEL himself, Raelian scientists led by Dr. Mehran Sam (Harvard) have formulated a working model for a Global Pollution rating system which proposes that all products and services be labeled for their pollution impact during the manufacturing and production of their components.

Global efforts like Kyoto protocol attempt to address some aspects of the pollution problem.  However, it is clear that political and business interests of various nations have hampered the progress of such efforts. To contribute to a resolution of this vexing problem of pollution and the environmental impact of industries, a simple indexing system has been devised that can be applied to everything from a bottle of water to an automobile, or even a vacation trip -- nearly everything can be rated for its impact on the environment.

The system proposes a uniform method to quantify the pollution that is produced as a result of manufacturing a product or rendering a service.  In addition, it takes into account the pollution that is generated when a product or service is utilized by the consumer, as well as the pollution generated after the product is disposed of. RAEL's idea is now officially patented as the Global Pollution Index in the US and at the International Patent Office.

When deciding among alternative products, consumers will be able to conveniently judge the pollution impact of their choices by simply comparing Pollution Index values which will be mandatorily printed on all labels, promotional materials, and advertisings.  Consumers will see for instance that Genetically Modified food has up to 10 times lower GPI (Global Pollution Index) values than conventionally grown vegetables, as GM food does not require as much pesticide, fungicide, or fertilizers.  This should encourage people who want to be environmentally responsible to select GM food.


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