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Global efforts like Kyoto protocol attempt to address some aspects of the pollution problem.  However it is clear how political and business interests of nations have hampered the progress of such efforts.  Even if Kyoto protocol is fully implemented and is successful in all its provisions, something that is very unlikely, it is still a small achievement in the larger context of an escalating global pollution problem.  The forces of market economy are too enormous to be controlled or regulated by protocols from half-willing political figures.

To contribute to a resolution of the vexing problem of pollution and the environmental impact of industries, the Association of Raelian Scientists has formulated a working model for a global Pollution Rating (PR) system that proposes all products and services to be labeled for their pollution impact.  A simple algorithm has been devised that can be applied to everything from a bottle of water, to an automobile or to a vacation trip.  The system proposes a uniform methodology in quantifying the pollution that is produced as a result of manufacturing a product or rendering a service.  In addition, it takes into account the pollution that is generated when a product or service is utilized by the consumer as well as the pollution generated after the product is disposed of and before it is fully recycled.


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